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And it's filled with just the fame-hungry, attractive, horrible people you could have imagined. That means of the six people cast on the show, five of them work as models, have worked as models, or claim to work as models. Let's meet our gaggle of famewhores, shall we?Model Stats: This Brazilian didn't make it in Miami or Los Angeles so now he and his boyfriend Reichen are moving to New York to take the world by storm. Housewife Equivalent: Simon van Kempen., so it's obvious he wants to be as famous as the people he shoots.Logo bills the show as the gay version of Bravo's "Real Housewives" franchise, which is an obvious redundancy.Besides "Project Runway" and "Glee," the "Real Housewives" shows already are the gayest shows on television, dramas which are engineered and then leered over by that Cheshire A-gay himself, Andy Cohen, Bravo's vice president and talk-show host.But first, Austin has a meeting with the agent who used to book his modeling gigs.The agent sizes him up and delivers the cold truth: "I am lookin' you dead in the face."The weight's gotta go." Too much pride to wait tables, and not enough pride to steer clear of reality TV -- another blow to the American work ethic. In ways similarly pernicious to the Indian caste system, urban American gay men have long sorted themselves into an unofficially acknowledged A-list (or "A-gays").Logo's producers don't mention how difficult it was to get five or six men to agree to do the show, but judging from the first episode, one imagines the network probably had to bar the doors when willing applicants overwhelmed the process. The telltale A-gay signs are body worship (chiseled abs), real-estate and modern-decor fetishes, and frequent travel to seasonal getaways such as Miami and Palm Springs. Even as an exploitation device, "The A-List" is woefully late.

Three of the characters (Ryan, Derek and Mike) work mostly with celebrity and VIP clients -- cutting their hair, in Ryan's case; booking their modeling sessions, in Derek's case; and photographing their magazine spreads, in Mike's case.You are gonna have to lose some weight." (The "gurrrl" at the end of that statement is implied.) Austin rushes off to meet his equally horrified trainer, who has him bouncing around Central Park on a pair of rebound shoes."I've got too much pride to wait tables or park cars," Austin tells us.Another on "The A-List," Reichen Lehmkuhl, actually meets the barest requirements of celebrity.To him, the A in this list "stands for accomplishment," he says.

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