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Now that is possible with the international games,” says Sutyagin.

The games will also be broadcast on national television and Russian state media has already kicked off the usual extensive coverage of the event.

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Seemed to know each other all their lives It can be often very difficult to find person who would match you exactly.

Especially in the Internet, where you do not have possibility to see people in their normal environment can’t see their nature, their spirit.

You need more visual images of your defenders at work but actual military exercises can look really boring. makes Top Gun, whereas Russians broadcast these games,” he says.

Exposure to how China trains its tank troops and the exact workings of their tanks, such as their firing range, has shifted focus within Russia to extend the range of firing and their preparedness for rapid fire in their own drills.“When you look at Russian national military exercises, they are organized according to their own view and perception, but they have no real chance to see what potential adversaries or competitors will do.

But it is also a very important example of soft power.

It is the idea if you come to sit with people, to talk and exercise and compete with them, you're less isolated so you don’t see them via crosshairs.”Of course the message to many Russians, especially young men, will clearly indicate a gloried image of the military the Kremlin has long cultivated.

“It is a political game and it sends a message not only to the Russian population but abroad.

It intends to show that Russia is not alone, that it can reach areas of the world unsatisfied with Western policy, sure.

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