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Children as young as five should be taught about explicit sex acts, according to guidelines from the United Nations.The advice also calls for youngsters to learn about abortion, same-sex relationships and sexually transmitted diseases.

Queensland Association of State School Principals president Michael Fay told the Townsville Bulletin use of social media 'in general' had been a concern for some time, and that while smartphones were often banned at school, they could not control what happened outside school.It should be up to parents to make these decisions.'When it comes to innocent children at the tender age of five years old, it is absolutely appalling these guidelines suggest that they should be taught about subjects such as masturbation.' Fellow Tory MP Nadine Dorries said: 'Educating children and young people to believe that access to legal abortion is a right delivers a message which suggests that abortion is a lifestyle choice - a method of contraception as opposed to the incredibly traumatic and distressing experience it is for most young women.' UNESCO officials last night insisted that the guidelines will help to reduce the risk of infections from sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies among the young.The guidelines break down suitable topics for discussion into four age groups.Among the most controversial recommendations are for teachers to begin discussing subjects such as masturbation with children from the age of five.

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It may be mentioned, but it is up to parents and teachers about whether this is done.

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