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Chamorro people are generally open-minded when it comes to non-Chamorros marrying into the family.

However, they are not prone to articulating their values, which often leads to confusion among non-Chamorro mates. ” you may be faced with an answer like, “That’s just how we do it here,” or worse — “I don’t know.” The important thing is to keep digging for answers.

If a family member is sick or dies, even third and fourth cousins are expected to contribute. S., the philosophy of “what’s yours is mine” doesn’t fly, so it can be shocking for non-Chamorro mates to find that large chunks of the family income can unexpectedly be designated for needy family members.

Long fought-for and often-stolen land can be in a continued state of reacquisition by Chamorros.

Family-owned land on Guam is extremely common, with extended families staying together in pockets around the island.

Multi-family homes are common, as are multi-home lots.

Long-standing legal battles are on-going in Guam courts.

Government leases of land that belongs to the increasing numbers of heirs of long-dead Chamorros may now be worth millions.

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These seven things you need to know will be a good start for anyone contemplating marriage to a Chamorro person. This vast difference in the involvement of family members in one’s marriage can lead to major misunderstandings and tension. Family is first in almost all situations — immediate family, then extended family, including relatives so distant they are simply termed aunties, uncles, or cousins.

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