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If you are using Facebook's ' Trusted Friends' feature, make sure you've only chosen friends you deeply trust and not your boyfriends.

I can only speculate about your living situation, but if you use a shared computer - please make sure that you are disciplined in using separate, password protected user accounts or you are logging off of Facebook.

Carver categorizes abusers into three categories, each containing a set of disorders, this he calls "Personality Disorder" The highest number of relationship destroyers is contained in four disorders he calls "Cluster B".

" In romantic relationships they are controlling, abusive, manipulative partners who can ruin not only the relationship, but our self-esteem, finances, and reputation."Dr.

Other Stuff While you're at it - enable secure browsing and make sure you have a security question that will help you reclaim your account if someone takes it over completely.Do they criticize you in public to make you feel incompetent or embarrassed?· Are they rude to the waitress or other staff members in restaurants, or rude to other drivers?They feel entitled to special attention, privileges, and consideration in social settings and feel entitled to punish those who do not provide their required respect, admiration, or attention.If one is going to date or is already in a relationship, it would be wise to look for certain signs in the other that would clue them in as to who the other person may be without the frills and pretension involved in the courting process.

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