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And that may translate, that comfortable part of our relationship. AE: Well let me tell you, lesbian fans are very, very loyal. It’s also great that this show is extending to young girls who are 14-15 years old and they’re looking at a character like Maura and sayimg, “You know what, she’s not the biggest nerd in the world.” I mean, she’s a nerd, but she is OK. I just want to see positive female roles on television and movies. I love that, when you can have those relationships represented in a way that is accurate or a way that makes other women say, “Wow, that speaks to me.”It’s unusual, I think sometimes because the casting doesn’t work. A lot of times she’ll write something that some people may not see – like all the male executives in a room might think that’s weird. Having a producer who has a really strong vision about being honest in her writing and writing characters that are as real as she knows them. I really enjoy not only playing my part but also being a part of it. AE: So this season do you think there’ll be enough LLBFF love between Jane and Maura to keep your gay female fans happy? We joke around a lot, even when we have physical stuff together we kid around a lot and are both touchy feely. The lesbian fanbase is very loyal and will stick with you through ensuing projects. I like loyalty, it is an important character trait. Everybody that I’ve met, we’ve done contests and people have come to the set, they’ve all been great. FOX411: Were you worried about taking another role in the law enforcement area?Angie Harmon: No I think with ‘Rizzoli & Isles,’ yes, there’s the aspect of the cop drama but there’s also the humanity of our back stories and our lives and our families. As an actor all we want to do is act and play people.Post shampoo rinse-out conditioners which are also known as finishing rinses and instant conditioners 4. Conditioning detanglers designed to condition while detangling after shampoo sessions 9.

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I did, I went on ‘Chelsea Lately,’ and told the whole story and Chelsea was awesome and as far as me being quote unquote racist, thank God I had Whoopi Goldberg and Sheri Shepherd on ‘The View.’ Whoopi’s exact words were, ‘I’ve known that child since she was 18 years old, there’s not a racist bone in her body.’ Thank God I had these women to stand up for me. We’ve become so intolerant of each other that it’s just sickening. I might not understand everything a Democrat or liberal thinks but hey let’s be honest, I don’t understand some of the things the Republicans think, but that doesn’t make me some dumb hick that doesn’t have the right to live here.

Look our forefathers moved here for freedom of speech and wanting to be able to have their own opinion. QA: Florence Henderson Reveals Embarrassing STD, 'Brady Bunch' Secrets in New Book FOX411: You guys spoke at the Republican Convention in 2004. Harmon: I tell you my husband would be the most incredible Governor, Senator, President, he’d be fantastic.

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So even to be put in the same sentence as her is a really great honor. Harmon: I’m an only child so the whole fighting thing, I don’t understand one bit.

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