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She doesn’t want to reveal the name of the baby’s father.

My nephew Andy and his new bride Cassy were back in town visiting and had a get together there of friends and family.If we love music and we love Nhu Quynh we should focus only on her voice and when she’s singing for us and not judge her on her personal life.But no one can do so, simple because audiences are always curious of the artist’s personal life; thus the reason there are magazines like Van Nghe Magazine. Everyone wants to hear of the nasty things, the bad things and not the happy things because it is interesting news. Nhu Quynh’s pregnancy news spread through out newspapers, magazines, and online forums.NQ was back on stage and singing soon after the birth of her first child. Sang finally popped the question on August 27, 2016 on a camping/hiking trip!

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If you read the newspapers and magazines, there were many “dirty” reporters who bashed Nhu Quynh, claiming that she committed a sin of some sort because she was with many men.

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